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Established in 1946 Charles Scott, (Scotty) started Scotty’s Muffler in 1946 at a small location located at 4th and "I" st. in San Bernardino, CA. When the I-215 freeway was built, the business was re-located to make room for the freeway. There have been a few different locations around San Bernardino in following years, but the most memorable was the location at 2nd and "G".  Then eminent domain struck again in 1978 and this location was taken by the city for redevelopment. The business was moved to Baseline and "E" where it is today. The tradition of exceptional work at a good value has lived on at Scotty's for all these years, regardless of location.

Our specialty is the complete exhaust system, from the cylinder head to the tail pipe. All headers, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, pipes and mufflers. From original style quiet exhaust to high performance rumble, and everything in between. Our attention to detail is not matched by any other exhaust shop, and backed up by our lifetime warranty on workmanship. K&N air filters and performance intake systems are offered to compliment our exhaust systems, which increase power and economy. We also perform expert brake service using the best parts available and proven installation techniques for the quietest and best performing brake performance possible. We offer a lifetime warranty on brake pads and shoes at no additional charge. Shocks, struts, drive axles, u-joints, engine and transmission mounts, and radiators round out our list of services provided.

If you're not sure about the muffler or brakes on your car, stop by for a free inspection and estimate.  We'll put it on the rack to get a clear picture of your concern and determine whats going on, as well as what might need to be serviced.

Disk Brake

Brake Work

Exhaust System
Drive Axle

Exhaust, Muffler and Header Installation

Shocks Struts

Cooling System Service

Drive Axle Service

Drive Shaft

Shocks and Strut replacements

Catalytic Converter
Motor Mount

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Motor Mount Replacements


U-Joint Service and Replacement

V6 headers

Custom Header Fabrication

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