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Work Photos

Custom Work

Below are some photo’s of past jobs.  We strive to give our customers very clean work, so clean that you're proud to show it off. At Scotty’s we can help daily drivers to classic hot rods.  We have the experience, materials and patience to custom craft an exhaust system for almost any vehicle on the road.  Give us a call and make an appointment, we can estimate what you want real quick with a simple car inspection and your description about what you’re looking for.

3 Rotor Turboheader

66 Chevelle

572 Camaro

Bigblock Sandrail

Chev 4

Chevy Header

Chevy PU Complete

Ford FE Header

Header Closeup

LS Midengine

LSR1 Sandrail

LSR1 Sandraildual

LSR2 Polished SR Header

LSR2 Sandrailheader

LSR3 Custom SR Header

LSR3 Header

LSR3X Sandrail System

SBC Sandrail

SU Midengine

Stainless Collector

Stainless TurboHeader


Twinturbo Stainless

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